White Trees

White Trees, by Lourdes R. Florido; 6x9, 164 pages; paperback. ISBN: 978-0-9776958-1-2; $13.95; Publication date, June 2006


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 Struggling in life with an alcoholic father and "lost in the past" grandfather, Cuban-American teenager Miranda Trelles searches for escape with two young men who are as opposite as they come: Lucio the mysterious grafitti artist and Frank the All-American athlete. Miranda soon finds herself on a journey filled with love, fantasy, and violence where answers to her family's present lie in her grandfather's Cuban past.

"Lourdes R. Florido mixes so well her voice of a mature writer and that of teenagers. The [characters'] world comes to life with Florido's canny description of teen angst and cultural understanding. White Trees needs to be read by the 'inner tween trapped in both worlds' in all of us.--Edgar Sandoval, Journalist
"Florido's storytelling is straighforward and sincere. Recommended for large public library YA collections."--Loree Davis, Youth Services Librarian, Broward County Public Library System, Main Library - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"This is a well written young adult novel for readers about 16 to 20 or so with a very interesting spiritual aspect...High school and college composition and reading instructors should find this book a rewarding read for many of their students who don't like reading."--Paul S. Rottenberg, English professor and writer


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