White Heat, White Ashes

White Heat, White Ashes CoverWhite Heat, White Ashes, by Ted Simmons, © 2008 Ted Simmons, 6x9, 160 pages; trade paper, ISBN: 978-1-935083-00-9, $13.95, Publication date July 2008

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Coming of age is never easy, especially for seventeen-year-old Peter Grayson. Still grieving his father’s suicide, Peter and his mother move to a small Texas town. Other than his girlfriend Jennifer and best friend Jerrod, Peter finds it difficult to fit in.

When a family of Hispanic workers is killed in a tragic fire, Peter is scrutinized by the police. Suddenly, his world makes little sense. His best friend ignores him, and he is lured into the frightening world of a secret militia.

Peter becomes the unlikely hero: saving Jerrod and his sister, undermining a second hate-crime tragedy, and finding the courage to believe in his convictions. White Heat, White Ashes is a fast-paced, dramatic adventure told with humor, compassion, and huge doses of the reality of the underbelly of racial bigotry.--Rhett DeVane, author of The Madhatter’s Guide to Chocolate and Up the Devil’s Belly

White Heat, White Ashes, Ted Simmons’s newest young adult novel, is a fast-moving adventure with well developed characters. This story offers undercurrents of a serious cultural dilemma that faces North Americans as increasing numbers of immigrants enter the United States from Mexico. Readers of all ages will enjoy following Peter Grayson’s journey to maturity.--A.H. Holt, author of Blood Redemption, Riding Fence and other family Westerns

Ted Simmons has once again given us the coming of age hero. In White Heat, White Ashes, we see the awkward, lonely teenage boy get into more trouble than he can imagine just from trying to make friends. He learns the lesson of running with the wrong crowd the hard way, a way that nearly takes his life. The book will be a hit with the teen looking for an identity within a confusing life--Glynn Marsh Alam, author of the Luanne Fogarty mystery series

Peter Grayson has no idea what a cool dude he is. He gets himself into some deep doo-doo, and uses his brain and his guts to climb out. But the hardest part is figuring out just how far he’s willing to go for a friend. A real page turner! I couldn’t put it down.--Elain Bernstein Partnow, author of The Quotable Woman


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