Stellar Resolve

Stellar Resolve,Stellar Resolve Front Cover by Jamison Shults; 6x9, 244 pages; paperback. ISBN: 978-1-935083-42-9; $14.95; Publication date, December 2012

Cover art by Charles Gilchrist--Sacred Geometry Philosopher/Author/Fine Artist/Photographer 

There’s no way Nick could have possibly foreseen the amazing adventure that was headed his way. The arrival of an unearthly relative and a series of harrowing visions send him on a quest to understand his past. What he discovers, with the help of a beautiful young psychic named Cimber, will challenge the depth of his resolve, and lead him on a journey that takes him from Denver into the mystical mountains of Central Africa. As he begins to remember who he really is, and understand the cosmic importance of his mission, he’s faced with the responsibility of living his truth. To complicate matters even more, he must accomplish all this while trying to escape the evil clutches of a dark force that is hunting him: CABAL. Accessing the information held in Nick’s past life memories can shift the balance of world power and send all humanity into a Living Light Age.

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