Services for Self-Publishers

For authors choosing to self-publish but who lack the skills and expertise to perform the tasks necessary for a professionally published book, we can provide any or all of the following services:

Editing: Our 26 years of editorial experience--in fiction and nonfiction, poetry and graduate theses--ensure that your published manuscript will be grammatically correct. Your manuscript will receive a minimum of three editorial passes. During the first pass, we concentrate on fixing minor typographical erros, punctuation, spelling, and pacing, although we also note any problems with "big picture" items. During the second pass, we concentrate on more of the "big picture items" like plot, structure, and characterization, and also fix any of the minor problems missed during the first pass. Typically, the manuscript will be returned to you at this point to approve our changes and address any issues we raised. Upon return of the revised manuscript to us, we'll perform a third editorial pass to ensure all errors are corrected, that no further issues remain, and to clean up the manuscript for typesetting and layout.

Typesetting/Design: Each book is unique. And each book is designed to best portray its unique character. We use state-of-the-art software, providing you with the page size, type style, and type size that best fit the particular requirements of your book. After the initial design is complete, we'll send you sample pages for approval prior to typesetting the rest of your book.

Proofreading: Once typeset, every book is carefully proofread to ensure accuracy with your original manuscript and all approved editorial changes. Once this process is complete, we'll send you the book file for a final review and approval and make any requested changes.

Illustrations: Illustrations can be created for your book, or modified as necessary from your originals to best match the quality of your book.

ISBN: If your book qualifies, we can provide the International Standard Book Number, enabling your book to be distributed to libraries and sold in bookstores.

Bar Code: We will provide the Bar Code for your ISBN, enabling your book to be distributed to libraries and sold in bookstores.

Printing: We can arrange for final printing on your behalf, or provide you with electronic files suitable for you to take to the printer of your choice. Best of all, technology now allows you to avoid one of the greatest costs of self-publishing through print-on-demand. You no longer have to commit to 5,000 copies of your book in order to reduce the unit costs. You can now print as many or as few copies as you desire.

Library of Congress & Copyright: We can register your copyright with the Copyright Office and, if your book qualifies, we can register your book with the Library of Congress.

E-Books: Once your manuscript is prepared for publication, you can choose traditional book printing or have your book published as an electronic book, formatted and published for Amazon's Kindle and distributed for many other reading devices through