Remembrance, by Nathan Smith Hipps; 6x9, 267 pages; paperback. ISBN: 978-0-9672585-9-1; $14.95; Publication date, April 2006

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In 1905, an epidemic of measles infiltrates and ravages the small community of Porterdale, Georgia, terrifying its residents, turning neighbor against neighbor. One of its victims is Luther Smith, a twenty-nine-year old husband and father whose sudden death irrevocably alters the lives of his widow and two young daughters, sending them on a lifelong journey of uncertainty and loss. Forced from their home and with no means of support, Leola and her daughters move in with her parents, a home devoid of love that she had escaped from years before, only to return due to circumstances beyond her control.

After several years of living in her parents’ home and learning the secrets of their lives that made her own childhood so unhappy, Leola marries a man with five children and moves with her daughters into a new home. Though the combining of families tests Leola’s fortitude and patience, it is the strength of her resolve and the love for her daughters that overcome the obstacles set in her life’s path. Through it all—circumstance, pestilence, natural disaster, and death—Leola’s strength of spirit overcomes even the worst of life’s offerings.

Based on a true story, Remembrance tells a story as old as life itself—the story of love, family, and survival.

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