Newt's World: Internal Byte
Newt's World: Internal Byte Front CoverNewt's World: Internal Byte, by Susan L. Womble; 6x9, 174 pages; paperback. ISBN: 978-1-935083-09-2; $13.95; Publication date, September 2009

Copyright © 2009 by Susan L. Womble

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From Florida Book Award (2008) Gold Medal Winner Susan L. Womble comes the second book in the Newt’s World series, Internal Byte. Follow the continuing adventures of Isaac Newton “Newt” Willis and the rest of the Willis Charter School class as they attempt to thwart another attack on Newt’s holographic world.

Newt opened his phone; there was a message. It was to all of the students in the class, including Newt’s mom; it was from Marcus.

It read: Trouble—Bad guys are coming for Caleb and Newt—They plan to use us to get our parents to do what they want—They already have me, and I think they might have my dad—I am in the trunk of a car. I don’t know where they are taking me.

Newt realized that his mom must have gotten that message, which is why she changed the security system.

Newt texted Caleb: U OK?

Caleb called back. “We thought they had already gotten you. We’ll come by and get you; we just got to the bus.”

Newt asked, “Who is we?”

Susan Womble’s new book, the second in the Newt’s World series, illustrates the seriousness of bullying, especially cyber-bullying, in an action adventure that is rich in vocabulary and real-world adventure and catches the reader’s attention. Throughout the story, the author paints the hurt and damage caused by bullying in vivid colors, while showing that it must be eliminated. This is a must read for any classroom!--Charlene Hogan, Consultant for Testing and Evaluation Systems of Pearson and the Florida Department of Education and a former Elementary and Secondary Principal

Don’t miss Susan Womble’s book! Newt and his friends continue to explore their place in the world in Womble’s unique take on Newt’s World. . . . Original and spontaneous. . . . The students’ activities and experiences are precursors to 21st Century real-life education.--Dr. Guadalupe López-Cox, Ph. D.,University of  Texas and Professor Austin Community College and Author of Plazas: Lugar de encuentro para la hispanidad (2000), Freelance writer for Thompson/Heinle


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