Newt's World: Beginnings

Newt's World: Beginnings Front CoverNewt's World: Beginnings, by Susan L. Womble; 6x9, 104 pages; paperback. ISBN: 978-0-9776958-8-1; $13.95; Publication date, May 2008

Copyright © 2008 by Susan L. Womble

Gold Medal Winner Children's Literature 2008 Florida Book Awards

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Following a car accident that leaves him using a wheelchair, computer whiz Isaac Newton (Newt) Willis adapts a NASA computer communications program developed by his father into a holographic game--a virtual world--“Newt’s World.” But when he shares the game with his two new best friends, an international espionage ring learns about the program and holds Newt’s school hostage. Can Newt save his classmates? Will the virtual world fall into the wrong hands? Could Newt’s World be more than just a kids’ video game

"This fast-paced, boy-friendly read features an unlikely hero named Newt who uses a wheelchair but more than makes up for his physical limits with brains, technology, and courage. When Newt and his friends modify the computer program Newt’s father is selling to NASA to create a video game, and they discover that with a few clicks and keystrokes they can make things happen in the real world--little do they know they will be called on to save it! Readers will want Newt’s video game for their own computers!"--Adrian Fogelin, author of Crossing Jordan, Anna Casey’s Place in the World, My Brother’s Hero, Sister Spider Knows All, and The Big Nothing

“ 'Inventing things can sometimes be dangerous,' but as Isaac Newton Willis discovers, it takes an inventive spirit to surmount obstacles. Although this book is peopled with friends, foes, and furry puppies, it’s multidimensional. An unpredictable mind bend, Newt’s world is complicated, a place where the difference between evil and good resides in motive, and ordinary rooms and ordinary objects take on extraordinary powers. Truly, mind does overcome matter."--Susan Nelson Wood, Director, Florida State University Writing Project

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