Hear My Faint Cry

Hear My Faint Cry, by Ted Simmons, © 2011 Ted Simmons, 6x9, 152 pages; trade paper, ISBN: 978-1-935083-34-4, $13.95, Publication date September 2011

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The swamps and forest of North Florida are desolate and dark at 1:00 a.m. on a moonless night. Five teenage boys and a girl thread their way down a path and into a pit, using the meager light of matches. At the bottom is an even darker opening, the cave that is the object of their travels. Three of the boys move to the back of the cave, careful not to fall into a small pond, the top of a water-filled shaft extending 90 feet into the earth. They shiver with the cold, but also in the excitement of this spooky place.

Suddenly the silence is shattered by the sound of gunshots. One of the boys in the cave dies instantly. He is the lucky one. Another manages to crawl part-way up the slope, where his life ends in additional gunfire. The third manages to struggle through the woods almost to the place where their cars are parked, confused and in pain, crying out, “Help me. What did I ever do to you?” The answer comes in the form of a hail of additional bullets, the last to the side of his skull.

In the gloom of a forest whose play of life and death has lost its innocence, evil has arrived.

Who are these young people? What hopes and dreams are ended so early in life? How do they find themselves in this dismal place, where three would die and the others be marked forever?


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