Fixin FAMU

Fixin’ FAMU, The Last Supper Concoction of Cast Steel Bryant, by Barbara A. Thompson, © 2006 Barbara A. Thompson, 5x8, 52 pages; trade paper, ISBN : 978-0-9776958-2-9, $12.95, Publication date November 2006

This nutritious tale, Fixin’ FAMU: The Last Supper Concoction of Cast Steel Bryant, is a roast of Dr. Castell V. Bryant, an alumna and the first female President of Florida A&M University since its inception on October 3, 1887.

Dr. Bryant has pioneered territory that, prior to January 3, 2005, had been unexplored and uncharted for many professional women with aspirations of being the top administrator at FAMU. Women can now dare to dream what seemed impossible just a few years ago.

This roast is in recognition of Dr. Bryant’s love of food, her dedication, and her commitment to fixing the financial problems of FAMU. It also reflects my deepest admiration and respect for her as a leader who knowingly accepted a plethora of tough challenges, one of which included a state-mandated annual balanced budget with a deadline of June 30, 2005. This tale takes a look at the activities surrounding Dr. Bryant’s attempt to balance the budget by that deadline.

In this tale, however, Cast Steel is a Head Chef Extra­ordinaire and FAMU is a Palace. This tale chronicles the activities that took place as Cast Steel set out to fix the perfect feast as the last supper of the year.

The Storyteller requests the honor of your presence on this journey, as she tells the tale of Cast Steel Bryant, an original work of art.

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