Different Levels of Parent Involvement

Different Levels of Parent Involvement: A Road Map for Educators, A Guide for Parents, by Audrey Lewis, contributing author Rufus Ellis, Jr., Ph.D.; 6x9, 106 pages; paperback. ISBN: 978-1-935083-32-0; $19.95; Publication date, November 2011


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“The time is now! The DLOPI program gives emphasis to parents becoming more proactive, exercising their rights, assuming their responsibilities as adults, and seeking support from the community. This approach is the foundation for ensuring every child from every neighborhood can and will grow up to be healthy, happy and successful citizens.”--T. Willard Fair, President and CEO Urban League of Greater Miami, Inc., Former Chairman, Florida State Board of Education

“DLOPI is a brilliant approach to improving meaningful parent involvement in that it is grounded in common sense, yet highly innovative. It not only understands that parent involvement has many levels, but it puts that truth right up front with parents. It helps parents see what is most important in supporting their child’s education, and leaves them room to become involved in ways that accommodate their talents, needs, and interests. All schools should adopt this innovative approach.”--John Winn, Former Florida Commissioner of Education

“I believe the Different Levels of Parent Involvement program is an excellent tool for enhancing and measuring parental involvement.”--Reginald C. James, Superintendent, Gadsden County Schools, Quincy, Florida

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