Diablo Creek

Diablo Creek by Ted Simmons, © 2007 Ted Simmons 6x9, 168 pages; trade paper, ISBN: 978-0-9776958-7-4, $13.95, Publication date November 2007

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Sixteen year-old Peter Grayson and his pal Jerrod rescue a nearly-drowned young Hispanic man from raging floodwaters. He refuses to give the boys any clue about the terrible place from which he’s escaped. After leaving their care, Pedro’s lifeless body is found floating in the waters of Diablo Creek.

This time he is truly dead. Pete and Jerrod find themselves in a real predicament. They know that Pedro has a brother and sister who are certainly in great danger. But an unfortunate incident involving the son of one of the town’s most influential businessmen has made it impossible to enlist the aid of the authorities. If Pedro’s siblings are to be saved, Pete and Jerrod must do it themselves.

Their quest for the truth leads them into a deepening spiral of danger and corruption, right there in their otherwise peaceful little town of Bennington. In the end, the only things that could possibly save Pete from certain death are levels of courage and ingenuity he had never before experienced. Will the waters of Diablo Creek claim more victims, or will Pete be able to rescue himself and the others?

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