About Us

Since 1995, CyPress Publications has been an independent book publishing company.

We currently publish under three models: self-publishing, cooperative publishing, and traditional (royalty-paying) publishing.

For those authors who prefer to self-publish, we can provide whatever services you require (editing, typesetting, proofreading, design/layout, illustrations, etc.). We can help you obtain your own block of International Standard Book Numbers, help with Library of Congress and Copyright registrations, help with obtaining printing, help to create an ebook.

We offer cooperative publishing for high-quality manuscripts that will take considerable time to prepare for publication. Under the cooperative publishing model, we may ask you to share the production costs, but we'll pay a higher rate of royalty on sales until you recoup your costs (or for a set period of time), then a lower rate of royalty on sales thereafter for as long as your book is in print with us.

We offer traditional royalty-paying publishing for high-quality manuscripts that require minimal time and effort to prepare for publication.