CyPress Publications strives to publish books that make a positive difference in our world, whether it's introducing children to homelessness and what they can do to prevent it, or encouraging them not only to dream, but also to work to make their dreams come true. Our books enlighten, entertain, and enrich our readers.

CyPress Publications is a royalty-paying publisher. We also provide complete publishing services for those authors who choose to self-publish. Click the Services link to the left to learn more.

If you would like to consider publishing with us, please browse through our current titles to see if your manuscript would be a good fit. We're always open to submissions of great books, but please follow our submission guidelines:

* E-mail: While we will consider hard-copy submissions sent to our Post Office box, we prefer e-mail submissions. Please put "Manuscript Submission" in the subject line, write a brief description of your submission and your bio, and attach the files listed below.

* Query letter: We want to know about you, your manuscript, and your plans for marketing your book once published. Tell us about your audience, your platform, and how you'll use your platform to reach your audience.

* Manuscript: Please send only a few representative chapters for review, not the entire manuscript. Send also a synopsis of the manuscript and the proposed word count. If we're interested in your manuscript, we'll ask you to send the entire document following review.

* Marketing plan: We rely on our authors to actively market their books for as long as they're published through CyPress Publications. Your marketing plan doesn't have to be detailed. Just a paragraph explaining your plans for marketing your book. Please don't promise more than you plan to deliver. Book publishing is a cooperative endeavor. Book selling is an integral component of book publishing. We'll do our part to sell your book, but we expect you to do your part, not just in the days and weeks following publication but for the life of the title.

Please be patient following your submission. Weeks, not days, will pass before we respond. We're a small independent operation, and our limited resources are directed to the projects already under contract.